Windmill Farms is the sales, distribution and marketing division of Greenwood Mushroom Farms, one of the largest mushroom producing companies in Canada. Our farms, located in Ontario, produce fresh mushrooms 365 days per year. The original farm, located east of Toronto in the village of Greenwood, was built in the early 1960’s and consisted of 6 small growing rooms producing 50,000 lbs of mushrooms per year.

In 1978 the business experienced a transformation that included new owners and new capital investment. From this point forward the company expanded its production facilities and invested in machinery for the purpose of mechanization, with the objective of establishing cost stability and production consistency. Today, through a program of reinvestment, Windmill Farms employs leading edge technology in all phases of its mushroom production, packaging and distribution facilities ensuring our customers receive the finest quality mushrooms 365 days per year.

Windmill Farms has been described as one of the best managed agricultural businesses in Canada and its success story has been showcased by Farm Credit Canada. Its approach to the development and implementation of a business plan has been a model for many. Our biggest single asset is our people and their ability to adapt, innovate and deliver in an ever-changing business climate. Our employees have been instrumental in the success of our business and share in the rewards. The management team at Windmill Farms is considered one of the most experienced in the industry worldwide with extensive knowledge in all phases of mushroom production, sales, distribution and marketing.

All of us at Windmill Farms thank you, our customers and consumers, for your support over the  years. We enjoy the challenges of growing a good crop of fresh mushrooms and without your support none of this would be possible!

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